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Totally free.

And we mean it. NightBook will never ask for your credit card. No premium memberships, no special treatment. We survive on your donations, but this is the only place that we will even ask.

Totally private.

We store your journals in a heavily encrypted database, and we will never give up any of your information for any reason. The only person that sees your writing is you and the skeleton standing behind you RIGHT NOW OH GOD

Totally radical.

Now officially endorsed by Bill and Ted.

Most excellent!

Don't just take it from me though, read these quotes from my favorite books!

Even impaled on a spear, he was confident he could - suddenly he was impaled on a spear.

Ari Bach, author of Ragnarok

The ships hung in the sky much in the same way that bricks don't.

Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Pelamus turned around, and bless the idiot, he gave a monologue.

Ari Bach, author of Ragnarok

"Hmmm, very severe... Poor condition, heavy infection... Disarticulation... Oh no, no... Clearly broken... Mm-hmmm... All right, then, all's well, perfect health, clear to go."